The Sun and it’s power

The power of the sun, we all know, can be harnessed and used for household power. It provides the source of life for growing gardens, it can majorly affect moods, mine in particular.

The more I get in touch with Mother Nature, the more I get in touch with myself. I have learned I am severely affected by the weather. Gray gloomy days make me gray and gloomy. Bright sunny days make me bright and sunny. Stormy days are dramatic, and so am I.

And sunsets take my breathe away. Like this one from the other night.


Finally got my solar system up and running. Thus, the free flowing, stream-of-conscience post. I’ll write more about it later, but must say, clean, quiet, 24 hour power is a thing of beauty!

9 thoughts on “The Sun and it’s power

  1. I am sure you are not alone. For me, I LOVE rain because it’s quiet, the world seems to slow down, there must be some kind of “energy” in the weather as it affects so many people.

  2. I share the same connection to the weather Kate. Without sun I am mentally blind, lost, wandering about the day lamenting, wondering when the next sunny day will appear. Sunny days make all problems insignificant.

  3. Hi Kate. Photovoltaic or water? Either way, congratulations. Looks like a beautiful day down your way (Nepenthe cam). Nice day up north here also. Love the photo.

  4. Hi Honey. If you could see me you would see that I am doing the happy dance for you. I know how important this is for where you live. Beautiful shot.
    Sarah & I are in Joshua Tree and just got back from the desert where we watched the super moon rise. Will share pics with you when I get back home. Love & miss you. Love to you & RK.

  5. Thank you for these breath taking sunsets you post, here. It’s the next best thing to seeing them in person. Beautiful!!!!

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