Cal Trans workers

Just got a call from one family member who was at the bail bonds office. All of the accused Cal Trans members have now made bail and are being released on $50,000 bail, and are being released, even as I type.

I have a tribute to Dante to post, but I haven’t been able to get it on my blog, yet, so will make that a priority tomorrow. Also, I have a press release from the Los Padres Forest on the upcoming fire danger to post as soon as I can.

Finally, Lee Ann posted on FB re a veg fire across from the Big Sur Campgrounds, but I have no confirmation or information re that. Will follow up in the am.

I’ve been out of sorts with two abscessed teeth, and not been up to much of anything for a few days now. Hopefully, the antibiotics are beginning to kick in.

3 thoughts on “Cal Trans workers

  1. Dear Kate, thanks for the good news re Caltrans folk. California can be a punishing place. As to abscessed teeth, if you can stand some gentle brushing around them, the pain is from the unreleased infection building up and if set free– pain goes. I hope this was circumspectively said in a public forum and sufficiently devoid of specific bodily fluid chat. Advil too works. What doesn’t kill us makes us strong. I posted a story about a zebra riding shotgun in an Iowa pickup truck on my blog. Go have a laugh. We only know that much because the driver was inebriated and arrested. The zebra was not. Well, actually, they didn’t say. Get well soon.

  2. Fire was on the Ewoldsen? property. Small fire, and controlled quickly. Cause still under investigation, but I believe it was from a limb arching on the power lines than falling to the ground on fire.

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