How cold is it?

Up here, at 10:00am, it is 33 degrees. No snow yet, but I’m watching. I have a USFS announcement to post on that page, photos of the fuel mitigation project to post on that page, and a review of Big Sur’s newest radio station to post, but sluggish or non-existent Internet has made it all impossible, for now. If any of the information were critical, I would drive somewhere to get them posted, as I would with road closures or fires, but baby it is COLD outside. I’m not going anywhere, right now! UPDATE – USFS press release up on its page and photos up on the Fuel Mitigation page. That leaves only the radio review!

5 thoughts on “How cold is it?

  1. Awww, it’s 33 degrees. It’s just above freezing. Which means it’s NOT freezing. I must confess it is reaching towards 50 degrees here–up from 17 degrees this morning. Keep warm, BSK.

  2. Discretion better part of valor in not leaving the cozy for updates we can wait for. Radio station interesting…
    I can’t claim a brag (it’s warm and sunny in CV after early light rain) because I look out on a very likeable meadow, but it ain’t a Big Sur star-scraping cliff. Enjoy the view. The cold will pass.

  3. Looking forward to pics of the South Coast fuel mitigation project.
    I hear that crew is busting balls!

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