March Wildflowers

Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush patch

Hound’s Tongue


Milk Maid

Chocolate or Mission Bells.

All these flowers were found on my way down Plaskett this morning. What a gift!

~ by bigsurkate on March 4, 2013.

10 Responses to “March Wildflowers”

  1. And what a gift to us! Great shots. It’s definitely springing.


  2. Very, very nice.
    Thank you, bsk. The photo borders are a good idea.
    Chocolate or mission bells must be hard to spot.


  3. Beautiful flowers, I loved seeing them. I don’t recall seeing Mission Bells in the wild before, I’ll need to look for them.


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  5. Lovely. In Switzerland it’s still too early for wildflowers, although now that the snow is melting here in Adliswil (444 m /1457 ft) and it’s sunnier (TEMP: -03 > +10 C / 10 > 50 F today) we should soon have the first variety, a kind of crocus, poking up. And this year (assuming seed delivery) we will also have California poppies growing in Sun Bird Garden at the Big Sur Nation Embassy.


  6. I posted a photo once of native poppies popping up through the snow! Actually, they popped up and THEN it snowed. Good on you for the seeds, Sterling, and keeping a bit of the nation there in the Embassy.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur


  7. I’ll send you a few pictures when our first wildflowers poke up, Kate. By the way, my balcony parsley, thyme, rosemary, oregano and lamb’s lettuce made it through this cold winter helped by 20 centimeters of snow at times. My Basil also wanted to be mentioned although he sits INSIDE on the window sill.


  8. I always look forward to your posts of wildflowers each spring, Kate. The Indian Paintbrush photo catches my eye and the shadows playing over the greenery in the Hound’s Tongue photo is beautiful. So dainty these flowers are. Must be beautiful to look out over the surrounding landscapes as the flowers paint them.


  9. I am a former res. of Big Sur and miss it . Planning to drive over from Sac. for my annual wildflower pilgrimage- how is Naciemento (SP?) looking for a drive over to Hunter -Legget? Sorry to massacre spelling! Planning to come late March?


  10. It is fine, right now. Shouldn’t be a problem, unless we get a massive storm between now and then.


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