Storm Coming in.

8:00 pm – I LOVE the sound of the rain! We are so thirsty!,,

7:00 pm – I didn’t think much of this storm, so haven’t followed it closely, but the tell-tale winds tonight let me know it was coming, and then, letting the cats out at 7:00, the drizzle let me the front was just beginning to arrive. I’ll check my usual sources, and let you know what I find out. I know SLO, was predicting this morning that it wouldn’t go much south of Paso.


3 thoughts on “Storm Coming in.

  1. Talk of storm. Skies of storm. Silence and no rain of no storm.
    My father, who was a competitive man glad to triumph over foes, had one joke, and two funny songs. One funny song was:
    Heap big smoke but no fire
    Heap big smoke but no fire
    Him smoke a lot
    But him not so hot
    Him heap big smoke but no fire.

    Ooops. Rain just started. Not heap big.

  2. I just left PG and it was pretty ominous looking before my meeting, during it and after I left. Hopefully it will be a quick one though we do need the rain.

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