FIRE on Fort Hunter Liggett NOT a controlled burn

Update 5/31 – fire was contained late last night at 2200 acres. Started by a training exercise with live ammunition.

Update- ” A wild land fire that began around 4 p.m. is burning in Fort Hunter Liggett training areas south of Nacimiento-Fergusson Road and west of Jolon Road. More than 30 firefighters and a dozen vehicles from our fire department, CalFire and the U.S. Forest Service have the 2,500 acre fire about 15-20 percent contained. Nacimiento-Fergusson is open as of 6:30 p.m. but be prepared for possible delays. Updates as information changes.”

Fire is clearly showing up on the 11-3.9 micron satellite with a strong heat signal as of 10:10 pm scan. Nothing on Modis yet.
Here is link to FHL RAWS:…FHLC1&time=GMT

According to my source, the fire at FHL is NOT a controlled burn. It was started by some troops out on Haycamp Rd. And it headed up to the San Miguelito Loop. An unnamed Capt. There at FHL Fire said “They are taking out the loop.” My source interpreted this to mean that they would probably do a backfire to cut off the main fire. Will be interesting to see where we are on this in the am.

5 thoughts on “FIRE on Fort Hunter Liggett NOT a controlled burn

  1. From last i heard when i left the fire last night full containment was at 2200 acres. The fire was started by soldiers doing live fire training ( real bullets). Only two small spots over the line but they where caught quickly and kept no bigger than 20×20.

  2. was not started by the troops, I was there when it happened and saw it

  3. New fire. Fort hunterliggett / Usfs due east of juniperio serra peak

  4. There first was the Stoney Fire that they fired out last night, and the one started this afternoon is the Coleman Fire in Coleman Canyon. It is already 2,000 acres and running.

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