Smoke, FHL

9:00 update- from my wonderful retired Fire Capt. source “hey Kate ….just got off the horn with the station….GI’s started a fire on Haycamp rd and it is now up to the san miguelito loop an the capt. talked too, he got called in on OT…. said they are takng the loop out so that’s probably where all the smokes coming from Kate…they’re probably doing a backfire to cut the main fire off I bet……”

There is a lot of smoke over FHL coming this way. It could be part of the controlled burn I warned about. Unless I hear differently, or see flames after dark, I am going with control burn. Otherwise,I’ll let you know.

6 thoughts on “Smoke, FHL

  1. The Santa Clarita fire is kicking butt. Called the Powerhouse. This is much closer, south east. I don’t see a plume, so not worried.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  2. It’s a bit reddish up that way. There was supposed to be a big controlled burn on Camp Roberts yesterday, N of San Miguel, but I saw no sign of it.

  3. Kate you never disappoint. I always feel not just in the loop, not just embraced by the loop, but having the loop for dessert. Thanks to you and all your good buddies for this wonderful knowing.

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