Storm Report, 2/28/14

10:00 pm – I’m signing off for the evening. Thus far, I recorded 2.44″ since midnight. Winds are up a bit, again, but nothing like last night. Stay warm, stay dry, and sleep well.

And this is what we have to look forward to tomorrow – at least predicted!


2:00 pm – thunder and lightning just started. Wind howling again, and up to almost 2″ thus far? Rain rate 2.67″/hour. Whoa, Nellie! Up to 5.14″/hour! Unbelievable! Here comes that 7-8″

20140228-133553.jpgHere is the most recent satellite. Compare it to the last one.

Noon – no rain at the moment, winds calming down, gusts only to 10 mph. Whew! It is time for a nap!

11:00 am – 1.5″ Del Venturi Rd in Ft Hunter Liggett closed. Road still open to Cambria, so far.

20140228-104933.jpg10:00 am – 1.2″, sustained winds of 30 mph. Water spouts off Point Sur per NWS. Lots of fun! 38 degrees and dropping!

9:00 am – road conditions – slide JNO of Garrapata Bridge and Traffic Hazard at Soberanes Point of unknown type. I’m willing to get there are other, unreported as yet problems.

8:00am – Winds gusted to 71 mph this am. Rain totals sitting edging up on 8/10ths, dogs went out during a break in the rain, only to be caught in a down pour. Lid blew off the wood box outside, taking a railing with it, despite being secured. Raining cats and dogs at the moment, at the rate of 2″ per hour. Big, big tree blocking Plaskett per my neighbor, and that’s just the first one. Missy and Dakota got into a dog fight with blood and a torn ear. So, how is your morning going? Add your storm stories this am.20140228-103956.jpg

9 thoughts on “Storm Report, 2/28/14

  1. Wow! Hope the dogs are okay and you too…woke up to a big branch broken off from my backyard cedar tree…gonna need a chain saw to get it into the green waste 🙂 we’re supposed to get a bit of a break this weekend so will be in the yard cleaning up….

  2. North East Cambria at 300 ft in the forest ..3/4 in over night and just started again .Our adopted rescued corgi turned out to be a fighter ..raised by 2 cops . seems OK with the rescued cat I found dumped in the woods but food is the issue. No sharing ever. Cambria has a new Vet we like.

  3. Dogs conquering unseen enemy of weather by drawing local blood. They deal in reality…. Hey, wassup, my coat’s electrified, blowing and bristling! Oh, must be THAT dog, ARF!!…Stay safe, Kate, in this great wintry display. Not your first rodeo, but they all have their own character. Bette Nelson on Palo Colorado wrote that a redwood branch landed 1 am on their solarium roof, crashing glass, they got tarps up that went airborne while being anchored to beams, sounds like they’re handling it with their son and neighbor. Not her first rodeo either. Bless all you pilgrims, inspiring admiration, and envy.

  4. Oh, I’ve been feeding Missy separately in the bathroom since day one. I suspect this fight started because Missy was going for the trash, but not sure. Interestingly, despite the occasional (usually non-bloody) fight, these two sleep peacefully butt to butt on my bed. Go figure.

  5. The big oak tree on the meadow broke in two with the north side landing in such a way that it has the camp bathroom cradled between the huge branches. It looks like the hsower is history, though. It is miraculous. that tree is probably about four cords of wood.
    Water line is probably disconnected near the spring. Lots of smaller trees snapping. I will not be surprised if the rest of the landmark tree goes tonight.
    It is sure nice to be warm and dry. My dogs are on edge, too, have been for a couple of days. Nice and easy does it, have a great day.

  6. Well, I guess it’s a good thing I checked back here for everyone’s first hand reports. It’s been pretty calm and not much rain since 9am here in Cambria. I was actually considering driving up 1 to the school office to work, but I guess things are still happening there. NWS only mentions showers, moderate wind for the rest of the day for Big Sur. Think I’ll stay home afterall…

  7. Good idea, Suzi. Up here it is calming down, but wind is still active and gusting up to 30 mph. In your little car, best to stay home. Andale drove down, but he’s got a big 4×4 Tundra, not a little Prius!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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