New Year’s Eve

After an eventful day yesterday, And a surprise last night in the form of a chimney falling on my head as I was reaching for that elusive sleep, I am just grateful for warmth tonight due to a repaired chimney, and the blessings of friendships I cherish.

I wasn’t going to write today, but a dear friend got the Big “C” notice today, and while I am positive she will lick this easily as it has been caught very early, it simply reminded me to take that retrospective step tonight as I say goodbye to 2014.

I have always been blessed with magnificent family and friends in my life. I never take that for granted any more than I can take this magical place I live for granted. The sounds of laughter and the silence of the mountain tops help me be grateful for this mystery of life. Mine, like yours is special. I have had many lessons to learn this time around, and I am hopeful I have learned them well.

I look forward to tomorrow – and all my future tomorrows – with joy and wonder. I wish you all the same. May Peace and Joy be the rule for you and all of us in 2015.