Nacimiento-Fergusson may not be an option

In your preparations for mudslides on Highway One, particularly if we get one in both directions, a reminder (as Peter reminded me) that the main bridge on Ft. Hunter Liggett has been closed for a year. The detour is a river crossing over San Antonio River (I mistakenly put Nacimiento, until XT pointed out my error) which, while things have been dry, has been a good option. If the river gets too full or fast flowing, the base will close down that option, and even if they don’t, it could easily get too dangerous for most vehicles to cross. We have never been closed off in all 3 directions at the same time in my memory, or at least for more than a day or two. Keep that in mind while you make your preparations for the rest of Decembers storms. As NOAA NWS keeps saying, the storm door is open! Hope for the best, and plan for the worst, as the idiom states.