Forest Service Releases Cause of Pfeiffer Fire

This is the link to the reports. There are three parts.
pfeiffer fire report on cause

Here is the general link to the LPNF. Will add the specific link when I get a moment.

Forest Service Releases Cause of Pfeiffer Fire

GOLETA, CA, December 3, 2014….U.S. Forest Service officials today announced the release of the Pfeiffer Fire investigation report which determined the cause of the fire to be a local water company’s electrical control wires creating a competent ignition source.

All other fire causes were investigated and excluded.

The Pfeiffer Fire began just before midnight December 15, 2013, on the Pfeiffer Ridge in Big Sur and eventually burned 917 acres.

The investigation report is accessible to the public on the Los Padres National Forest Internet website.

Weather Report, 12/3/14, Plaskett Top, Big Sur

8:00 pm – 1.05″for the day. More tomorrow.

9:00 am – received a total of 1.43″ until midnight last night. This morning I am up to .28″ so far. 2.09″ for this three-day month. The winds gusted to 47 mph at 8 am this morning. Still pretty gusty. I haven’t checked, but given the state of Plaskett on Monday afternoon, I am certain it is now impassable. With the winds, I am also relatively certain there are a number of trees down the back way, but have no way of knowing if they are blocking the road. The major concern is the 1 mile to the south Coast Ridge Rd and then the 2 miles to Prewitt. A number of chain-saw toting individuals use it from then on. I have no where l have to be until Saturday, and I am well stocked. I hear Big Sur got even more than I did. Add your totals to the comment section below.