Weather Report, 12/3/14, Plaskett Top, Big Sur

8:00 pm – 1.05″for the day. More tomorrow.

9:00 am – received a total of 1.43″ until midnight last night. This morning I am up to .28″ so far. 2.09″ for this three-day month. The winds gusted to 47 mph at 8 am this morning. Still pretty gusty. I haven’t checked, but given the state of Plaskett on Monday afternoon, I am certain it is now impassable. With the winds, I am also relatively certain there are a number of trees down the back way, but have no way of knowing if they are blocking the road. The major concern is the 1 mile to the south Coast Ridge Rd and then the 2 miles to Prewitt. A number of chain-saw toting individuals use it from then on. I have no where l have to be until Saturday, and I am well stocked. I hear Big Sur got even more than I did. Add your totals to the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “Weather Report, 12/3/14, Plaskett Top, Big Sur

  1. Ken says 2.3″ here @ Joshua Canyon (off Garrapata Creek in the far northern part of Big Sur) between yesterday and today. Lots of wind since last night but apparently the driveway & roads are still open to the north (I am assuming anyway since he left for town awhile ago and has neither returned nor called.)

  2. Great, thanks for reporting Martha. Things might change, as there is a citizen report on the CHP website of a tree about to down on highway near Pt. Lobos.


  3. All good here in the Valley. Power on, river up but not over our bridge at Riverside Campground, I do not have a rain inch count but it did rain all night. Well stocked is good Kate. Hugs. Love the rain.

  4. Glad you’re warm and well-stocked, Kate. HEAVY rain off and on for the past couple hours on Pfeiffer with lots of winds still. And my new RV leaks! I’m in my third set of dry clothes for the morning…

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