Highway One closed Overnight due to slides

Per the CHP website, the highway is closed in both directions due to three slides between MM 38 and 42. (South of Nepenthe, between Partington and Grimes Canyon) Barricades are in place.

~ by bigsurkate on December 3, 2014.

6 Responses to “Highway One closed Overnight due to slides”

  1. Do we know if there is an expected reopening?


  2. It was apparently cleared this am. My iPad has lost the ability to charge. I have attempted to get online with my computer, using my iPhone as the internet connection, and finally succeeded enough to do this. I’ve asked Debbie to keep an eye on things for the blog, but she is very busy today. Mike had a procedure done yesterday, so we are all winging it today. I have a 3 ft wide tree down on Plaskett, and who knows how many more past that. Haven’t checked out the back way, and given conditions, am not going to until i have to.


  3. Apparently it’s very foggy on the north coast Big Sur and Cal Trans has flares along the stretch of Coast Gallery and south. It would be nice if the temporary reflectors were put in place where the road has been repaved. Flares only burn for a short period of time! We’ve had a delivery from the North already but there’s spots where the boulders are coming down, but Cal Trans is on it, the usual fare for rains!


  4. Thanks, Lisa. I am internet challenged at the moment, due to cell phone reception being very sporadic!


  5. I’m here checking in. Kate calls me, too, with anything to be added. We’re not abandoning bigsurkate.


  6. Deb, I hope your home site is doing ok!


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