Friday Morning in the Neighborhood


Noon: two more!

Recent Incidents (Prepared 08/14/2015 12:00)

Date Inc # Name Type Location WebComment Resources IC Fuels Acres Lat/Lon
08/14/2015 11:32 LPF-2462
New Wildfire Prewitt camp . . . . . 35.971 x 121.451

08/14/2015 10:50 LPF-2461
New Wildfire 3 miles s. of summit S. Coast ridge road . . . . . 36.011 x 121.452

I’m beginning to think there is a conspiracy of idiocy to set fire to the South Coast, no matter what it takes. Two and 1/2 months or so more of this? Lord help me. Saw a Toyota RJ with a ton of wood down at Cowabunga yesterday. Couldn’t find the guy/gal and gave some thought to stealing all the wood … Not worth the possible consequences.

08/14/2015 10:19 LPF-2458

Wildfire 1/2 mile s. of nacimiento summit . . . . . 36.008 x 121.451
08/14/2015 10:08 LPF-2457
New Wildfire Nacimiento summit . . . . . 36.011 x 121.452
08/14/2015 09:24 LPF-2456
. Smoke Check PREWITT CR/HWY 1 M . . . . . 35.933 x 121.467

~ by bigsurkate on August 14, 2015.

7 Responses to “Friday Morning in the Neighborhood”

  1. That’s 3 in 44 mins, and it isn’t even the weekend, yet!


  2. With this devil wind campfires should not be allowed. 40 mph gusts today between Carmel and Point Sur.


  3. They AREN’T allowed! Posted everywhere, which is what is so frustrating!



  4. Maybe it’s the sign painter in me, but you might carry some flyers with choice words to leave behind at campsites….Like: Anyone leaving unattended campfires (or starting illegal campfires) will be hunted down and shot by locals! Stay At Own Risk You’ve Been Warned!!
    Then on the other side a ‘newspaper’ page with stories of dire consequence printed up, i.e. Bodies of Twenty-two Campers Found So Far This Year in Big Sur, All With “No Campfire” Symbols Stamped on Their Foreheads!
    Seriously, something to terrify and get through the haze. I’m sorry for the stupidity of the visitors. It’s not right. And yes, infuriating and scary. Worried from here.
    I, on the other hand, have had a week of Lamborghinis and Bugattis and Corvettes going 175 mph on CV Road. No collisions yet. I guess they’re all good drivers. And the cars are so darn beautiful.


  5. “Warning: Illegal campfires will be doused with the blood of the campers”


  6. Hey, Ev! I like that one!



  7. Kate!….Amazing…Ive never seen so many people on this highway, and with unbelievably ignorant driving stunts!…(U turns on blind curve, stopping in the middle of the road to take a selfie)…Yikks…but what is topping the cake is ALL THE TOILET PAPER ….I have found pee pee paper, and poop paper in the driveway of my turnout…Many others are having the same experience… Someone I know said someone pooped right i a bed of poison oak!…May there be just reward for them!….What can be done about this?….Toll fees from Rio Road to Cambria…Then get porta potties installed????…I think all the blogs about Big Sur should include a map about public pottys! Rachel


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