Another Scorcher

here we go … A few degrees warmer than yesterday.

On another note, I am happy to see the F&G wardens patrolling so thoroughly. I am sure they are responsible for citing all the illegal campfires, BUT that doesn’t give them permission to come through my property whenever it is convenient. A month or two ago it was 6 am, this morning it was 8:30 am. I’ve got s call in to their lieutenant. The rules for law enforcement are: fire or life and death. Period. NOT convenience. That doesn’t work for me,


3 thoughts on “Another Scorcher

  1. Sounds like multiple fires with RROS on Cuesta Grade in SLO County. Good thing a cooling trend is starting tomorrow.

  2. I am very damn glad to hear your righteous indignation, Kate. I believe that at every necessary opportunity we need remind intruders of trespass on personal property, of privacy, of ownership. It is one of a republic’s crucial cornerstones and being fast overriden. A car, a house, were once untouchable sacred ground here, a citizen’s domain. Now government regulations exist INSIDE both and the long arm of the law permitted intrusion to enforce. Not right. Thank you for your protest on behalf of us all.

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