Weather Report, 12/11/15

image8:30 am – I currently have a mixture of sun, clouds, and thunder – only one, but loud! I got almost 3/4″ yesterday, and another .16″ this morning. We are at 1.30″ for the month, and 6.30″ for the year.

If Mike Morales is able to get any sun this am up his way in Carmel, he will be out grabbing some big waves shots for your viewing this afternoon. 33′ at Point Sur at 11 pm last night! I’ll also be updating this weather report as necessary, throughout the day.



3 thoughts on “Weather Report, 12/11/15

  1. More looks to be arching around you this AM. Must feel wonderful. Nearly 3/4 inch in Hollister overnight. It’s here!

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