New Storm almost here

12:15 pm – up to .80″ so far today. Currently raining at the rate of 2.72″ an hour. Lordy!

Here is the radar from about 10 am – there are branches, bushes, and sparking wires on roadways in MoCo and SC Co. I’m sure there are rocks on Highway One in Big Sur, but nothing specific reported. It’s about to begin again.



9 thoughts on “New Storm almost here

  1. Back at the school, now at 12:30 pm, and checked our weatherelement gauge. The rainfall shot up to .4 inches and the barometer shot down from 31.95 to 31.70 inches Hg. It is raining like crazy, and I got totally soaked just opening the gate! We could get over an inch here from this. During the drive back from town, the highway was ok…Thanks CALTRANS! North of Point Sur, the southerly gale winds were really difficult particularly at Hurricane Point. South of Big Sur, less wind, but steady heavy rain.

  2. I drove down to the Grange and back this afternoon. Very little traffic, a tiny bit of hard rain and no rocks on the road. Smooth sailing!

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