Atmospheric River

It has been poring all night. By 8:30 pm, my weather station read 1.99″, and by 9:30 pm, it read 2.37″ and it is still raining cats and dogs – as my weather station likes to Point out.

At the 6:30, I am up to 1.25″ – much more than expected!

And as of 3:30 pm, I have 3/4″ for today, the Solstice.


5 thoughts on “Atmospheric River

  1. Loving it. 6:30 this morning the temp at Bixby Bridge was 57 degrees. 56 degrees a mile south at Hurricane Point. Classic El Nino bringing in warmer air along with the moisture. Not sure how the predicted snow at low elevations later this week work into this but the Pineapple Express is now established.

  2. Hi kate, and thank you for your fantastic webpage and emailsŠ is a today specific (winter solstice) event I like to celebrate and I am guessing you might like tooŠ..on the winter solstice we have an advantage if we want to balance an egg on its endŠso, an acrobatic egg, at least for one dayŠ.thanks again, kate, wishing you well as our uncertain el nino winter has begunŠŠ.jim

    It isn’t you It isn’t me It’s always us It’s always weŠ

    From: BigSurKate Reply-To: BigSurKate Date: Monday, December 21, 2015 at 3:47 PM To: James Hunolt Subject: [New post] Atmospheric River bigsurkate posted: “And as of 3:30 pm, I have 3/4” for today, the Solstice. “

  3. I saw your trick on your FB, Jim, and was impressed. I did NOT know about this solstice phenomena, so will have to try it! Yes, the uncertainty of life in Big Sur in a serious El Niño year may bring us all sorts of adventure. Be well, safe, warm, and loved this season.

  4. I’ll settle for those 2-3″ up here! Thanks for the weather reports! Stay warm and healthy! Oh, and happy, too! 😀

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