The whales are migrating

There are reports that the annual migration south has begun. Given traffic hazard reports, it seems everyone is out looking. Here is a CHP traffic hazard report re Rocky Point area:

Be careful out there … I noticed lots and lots of tourists Sunday at JP Burns (ignoring cones, fog lines, other traffic), Bixby (ignoring no parking signs), Hurricane Point, Garapatta, and all points northerly, many seemingly ready to prove Darwin right.

~ by bigsurkate on December 28, 2015.

2 Responses to “The whales are migrating”

  1. Incredible traffic Kate. Yes, the gray whales are passing through and in volume. it’s quite a show out there.


  2. We get the Darwin award candidates up here, too, looking through their smart phones at the edge of precarious cliffs. We saw some whales a month or more back down near the Calif. border. Then there was the huge Blue Whale that washed ashore at the beginning of Nov. down near Gold Beach. They’re definitely on the move. Nothing definitive on cause of death, but the initial comment from the scientist was: ““The last two years there’s been what’s called a warm water blob developing off California and reaching up to our neck of the woods. And we’re bracing for a really strong El Nino this year. All three of those years are going to be really bad for whales that feed on krill,” he said.”


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