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Please include The Big Sur Community Grange among your list of non-profits. We are the original non-profit and the original and only non- commercial community center in Big Sur. We have real expenses. We have real needs from community members that wish to volunteer. We are an active Grange, members of the Patrons of Husbandry, originally formed in 1867. A Grange, first and foremost, is a group of passionate people dedicated to serving their community. Here in Big Sur we are fortunate to also have a Grange Hall, a friendly, beautiful facility where Grange members and other community organizations can meet and gather for all kinds of events and activities. The Grange publishes The Round Up monthly. The Grange has a work and clean up day on the first Saturday of every month with great food and Acme coffee. The Grange has an important meeting open to all Grange members on the first Tuesday of the month (April 5) at 7pm, 6:30 for potluck and organic taco bar.The Grange is having a benefit April 17 at 4pm, The Big Sur Music Revue.
Grange website (if this link does not work – I’ve tried to fix it several times – see the first link under the sidebar to the right under Big Sur Non-Profits)

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  1. The Grange is a fine organization that reflects the early traditions of the Big Sur culture established in the later 1800s – pragmatic, earthy, cooperative, sharing, family-oriented. In these fast changing times it remains a unique cultural treasure that deserves all our support

  2. Just a small clarification in that the south coast of Big Sur has a non-commercial community center, The South Coast Community Center, located on the grounds of Pacific Valley School. It is open to the community once school lets out @ 4 pm M-Th and the occasional Friday!
    Presently, there is a yoga class taught by Rosalia Webster on Tuesdays, from 4 – 5.

  3. I’m glad you clarified that, Lisa. I just posted as they had written, and wanted to go back and mention the South Coast Center, but got so tied up in so many ways today … And most of them not the fun version.


  4. Thank you for this great post. It’s great to know all about the Grange and appreciate it more fully! I look forward to getting involved now that I know more about it!

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