BSMAAC Meeting & Overuse of Big Sur

CPOA sent out the following letter to its mailing list. I would like to add one thing to what they have to say … That is PLEASE bring ideas for potential solutions to the problems we, as a community, are facing with this overuse. We must find a way to work together to RESOLVE this issue, not just complain about it. We all have stories about how bad it has gotten the last few years, but now it is time to share solutions, ideas, and ask our questions of the various agencies with whom we share responsibility for this unique place in the universe.

“Hello Everyone,

CPOA would like to encourage you to attend the next Big Sur Multi-Agency Advisory Council (BSMAAC) meeting on April 15, 2016, in the conference room in Pfeiffer State Park at 10AM.

On the agenda for this meeting, among other important issues, will be a discussion of the increased overuse of the natural resources within the Big Sur Coastal Zone. While this is not a new issue, the number of visitors has increased substantially over the recent years and this visitation is taking an ever growing toll on both State and Federal facilities as well as creating camping along roadsides often with illegal and potentially dangerous campfires.

While we want visitors to experience what is Big Sur, the quality of this experience is deteriorating as are the local resources they visit. For example, Sykes Camp has become anything but a wilderness experience and uncontrolled camping is polluting the area and threatens to pollute the Big Sur River. Nacimiento Fergusson Road, Willow Creek and Plaskett Ridge have become de facto campgrounds. These areas as well as most turnouts along the highway suffer from illegal campfires, increasing trash and a disgusting and dangerous amount of human waste.

This concern is being put forth to the various agencies at BSMAAC by the Big Sur and South Coast Land Use Advisory Committees and Big Sur Kate along with other concerned residents throughout the Big Sur Coast.

The California Coastal Commission has a dual mandate to protect and maintain the resources of the Coastal Zone to preserve them for future generations and to provide public access. They have prioritized public access. In the Big Sur area, the time has come to give greater emphasis on the management of that access and the preservation of the resource itself.

If you care about this issue and for the beauty and protection of Big Sur, then please attend this meeting on the 15th and let the respective agencies know how you feel. We have to let them know, the status quo is not acceptable.”

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5 thoughts on “BSMAAC Meeting & Overuse of Big Sur

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Where, exactly, is the conference room that the meeting will be held in? Lodge? Ranger Station?

  2. The Conference Center is at the Big Sur Lodge in the State Park. Park in the parking lot by the Lodge and Store, and walk up the narrow road to the Conerence Center up above.

  3. I am no longer a resident of Big Sur, but drive to PV School daily from my home in Cambria and I have a couple of ideas:
    1. Signs at every pullout advising of fines for illegal camping/camp fires (obnoxious eyesore solution!)
    2. One sign at Carmel River Bridge and another sign just north of Hearst Castle providing AM/FM radio frequency for Big Sur Highway 1 info. The radio could provide traffic info, gas station locations, safe driving tips, notification of NO VACANCIES at campgrounds/lodgings (when they occur, updated hourly), warnings about fines for illegal camping and campfires, locations of public restrooms (Mill Creek, Sanddollar, Willow Creek).

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