Campfires Banned

Campfires banned outside established campgrounds – Plaskett, Kirk, Ponderosa, etc. NO CAMPFIRES ON WILLOW CREEK/ LOS BURROS RD., PLASKETT, NACIMIENTO-FERGUSSON RD.


“On June 3, firefighters on the Monterey Ranger District responded to an unattended campfire in the Sycamore Flat area of Los Burros Road on the 23S10 road spur in the Willow Creek drainage. The previous weekend, dispersed campers started a fire in the cat face hollow of a redwood tree and failed to properly extinguish the fire before leaving the area. The fire smoldered in the dense duff layer until rising temperatures and gentle breezes “woke” the fire up. Fortunately an alert hiker noticed and glow and smelled smoke, and took steps to put out the fire until Forest Service firefighters arrived. Were it not for the swift actions of the passing hiker this abandoned campfire could easily have grown into an uncontrolled wildfire in an area where suppression and control is very challenging. His valiant efforts are greatly appreciated by the Forest Service. High fire restrictions take effect today, and all campfires outside of established campgrounds are illegal.

Please help us spread the word!”


~ by bigsurkate on June 15, 2016.

One Response to “Campfires Banned”

  1. well, thank God… it’s about time!


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