LPNF Forest Supervisor thanks Firefighters and their families

“On this national holiday, the majority of the public is enjoying the time with friends and family, having a good meal, and watching fireworks commemorating our Nation’s independence.

On the Los Padres National Forest we have had an early start to the 2016 wildfire season. Over the past month the Forest has managed the Coleman wildfire on the Monterey District, the Sherpa wildfire on the Front Range of Santa Barbara, and now the ongoing Pine wildfire in the Sespe wilderness.

During this busy time, I wanted to pause and thank the firefighters, law enforcement, support and overhead staffs for their superb efforts, hard work, and self sacrifice that has occurred on these fires to prevent loss of life and property and minimize damages to resources.

I also wanted to specifically thank the families on this National Holiday for allowing your firefighter to be away, in service to a greater good. I know that your fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters will not be able to join in the celebrations today and you are specifically feeling their absence.

You need to know that those who fight wildfires make a difference in people’s lives, and continue to help manage wildfires destructive impacts to the citizen’s of California’s central coast and beyond.

To those from all partner agencies in fire and law enforcement supporting the ongoing wildfire operations, please accept my thanks for your personal sacrifice, and please pass on to your families how much I appreciate their role in supporting your loved one on the fireline and on duty in preparation for the next fire start.

It is people like you who are selfless in their devotion to duty, who endure separation from family and friends, and who are willing to put themselves in harms way to protect others that display the highest form of patriotism.

Thanks to you all and please pass this on to your families.
Continue to be safe,

Forest Service Shield
Robert Baird
Forest Supervisor
Forest Service
Los Padres National Forest”

All of us in Big Sur would add our thanks. Firefighters have been here time and time again for us. Blessings, all.

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