LPNF closes parts of the Santa Lucia Ranger District


Perhaps we will be next. We have not only the dead pines, but the dead oaks from SOD.

~ by bigsurkate on July 9, 2016.

4 Responses to “LPNF closes parts of the Santa Lucia Ranger District”

  1. Hello Kate,

    As I understand it these closures are because of the likelihood of visitor injury from the weakened trees, not because of fire danger. There are lots of hazard trees in the Monterey District, but the majority of them are in the undeveloped back country, where such closures are uncommon, as opposed to developed recreation sites, where closures are more likely because of the liability issues. That said, I would not mind a partial closure of the MRD; it might help mitigate the overuse.

    Mike Heard


  2. I agree, visitor or firefighter danger due to weakened trees, but it does pose a fire danger, as well. We have dead Oak (SOD) as well as Pines from the Beatles. We see fallen trees blocking the road up here every year, sometimes several, and during July as well as winter. Usually, one of us just cuts through enough to get by.



  3. That would be “beetles”. 🙂


  4. Ah, shuck, can’t get away with anything, can I.



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