Found Dog


~ by bigsurkate on July 29, 2016.

12 Responses to “Found Dog”

  1. That Setter has seen a lot of action recently.


  2. I see a collar and a tag. Any chance of getting the pup scanned at a Vet for a microchip? He/she is abviously someone’s lost family member.
    Thank you for all your efforts on so many fronts during this crisis.


  3. If you need a home to temporarily take care of this baby we can. I had left my name and phone number with the SPCA at Carmel Middle School. Please post if you need a temporary home, someone to care for this sweetie pie until owner are found!


  4. Where was the dog found?


  5. The note on the photo says it wandered into Post Ranch.


  6. Hey! That’s Bodi (Blake’s dog) on Rancho Rico.. He likes to sneak over to post ranch and take a dip ( especially when he’s stressed out)


  7. So, someone notified Blake and Post?


  8. Wally, you are right … See last comment.


  9. Yes, made a call, thanks! ( & thanks for your blog, so helpful)


  10. He was picked up, Blake came by and got him. Thank you for posting!


  11. Thank you all. Bodi is home!


  12. That’s no small triumph! I’m so happy the dog is home. This site is so helpful to people. Kate, you are my hero.


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