From LPNF Supervisor

“This evening (this was sent late last night), the Soberanes Wildfire was reported at 100% containment, with a total size of 132,127 acres, and 83 days in duration.

I wanted to extend my thanks to all the firefighters, incident management teams, partners, cooperators and the public for the cooperation and teamwork with the Los Padres Forest Staff to collectively bring this exceptionally challenging wildfire to full containment.

The public should be aware that smoldering areas will continue to put up smoke, but are well within the fire perimeter. This will continue until a season-ending rain event occurs. A cooling and moistening trend is expected this week with a high probability of rain over the weekend.

Work continues on suppression repair, approximately 297 out of 384 miles repaired, and BAER efforts for the remainder of the fire area are planned. Attached are the PIO, Operations, and Progression Maps for your reference. (I have not included them)

Fire camps at Molera, Rana, and Toro are scheduled for breakdown and relocation to a consolidated camp at the fairgrounds in King City.

The Monterey Ranger District of the Los Padres National Forest remains closed to public access. The only recreation sites that remain open are Plaskett Creek and Kirk Creek Campgrounds, Pfeiffer Beach, Sand Dollar Beach and Willow Creek Day Use areas. All trails are closed within the Ventana and Silver Peak Wilderness Areas.

We will continue to put “life first”, make sound risk based decisions, and evaluate exposures and risk in Suppression Repair and BAER as we have in suppression operations.

For more information, visit: or follow us at or

Thanks for all the continued support,

Robert Baird
Forest Supervisor
Forest Service
Los Padres National Forest”

~ by bigsurkate on October 13, 2016.

5 Responses to “From LPNF Supervisor”

  1. And we thank you!
    With great love and respect.


  2. With great love and respect. And we thank you!


  3. Thank you Big Sur Kate for your reporting on this!


  4. Its raining its pouring,the fire is over hoaring. 3inches so far,yes! Thanks Kate for the solid long haul.Beauty all around us,the spring fireflowers will be amazing.


  5. Wow! 3″? I’m in So Oregon where it has been raining for three days.

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