Soberanes is 100% contained

Finally! The forest is still closed, and the burned areas will likely remain closed all winter,  if history is any indication, as it is too dangerous with slides, debris flows, and falling trees. The land and the critters need time to heal. Please allow them to do so. This was day 83.

13 thoughts on “Soberanes is 100% contained

  1. Wow! Day 83. I want to thank you Big Sur Kate, and all the people that helped you, for the daily updates with such vital information! I am so very appreciative!

  2. Kate: Thanks for all you’ve done for the community and surrounds during this critical time. Your timely updates were much appreciate!

  3. Well despite the really Yoeman’s job, I have to disagree. I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the forest. Even Soberanes should be re opened now. Big Sur is Big. It is not Disneyland. It is true wilderness. Ventana Wilderness within the Los Padres National Forest.

    It should be opened especially the most eastern side along the Tasajara Ridge that has never been affected. When you talk about slide, it is a presumption. We do not know. It may be a light winter again.

    There is constant rain and slides and treacherous slopes along the Kalalau trail along the Na Pali Cliffs in Kauai. It is never closed. Everyone enters at their own risk. The only area that rivals Big Sur in beauty. California is an overly risk averse state.

  4. Phillip, while I understand your position, my 32 years living here have taught me that there is no question of a slide on highway one in winter … we on the South Coast say the only questions are when, where, and for how long – never “if.” It matters little how “lite” the winter is, actually, when it comes to slides. Mother Nature dictates as she wishes. When you want it to be opened, NOW, you realize that means it is open to the multitudes of people who can and will damage a fragile ecosystem that needs time to heal, right? Kauai is beautiful in a different way. It is never subjected to the kinds of wildfires we get here in CA. We need to give our beautiful Wilderness a chance to heal, please. Be patient and kind to our mother.


  5. Thank you so much for your tenacity and grace bigsurkate! Without you and your partners, so much misinformation could have been spread. I wish the forest and all the inhabitants, human and non, a peaceful winter and spring, with some time for healing.

  6. This is the post I have been waiting to read since July 22. Kate, you are a rock star, angel, goddess, sweetheart, warrior princess, forest fairy, graceful queen, tenacious fighter, eloquent writer, gentle leader, and most of all, comforter to all. You did, you DO, so much to help thousands of souls through this most awful time. How do we repay you for your thousands of kindnesses, your thousands of hours, your day in-day out focus and attention on “all things Big Sur”, come rain, shine or fire? I am not sure, but I do believe that you have earned a special title, a special place, in all of our hearts. I stand by you – if you say the Big Sur flora and fauna need a break from humans to slowly come back to life again – I honor your wisdom.
    Direct me, direct all of us how to help things to come back to life and just watch your warriors assemble. We’re behind you. You’re an angel. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! 🙂

  7. Thank you for covering this terrible fire Kate, I really have appreciated the updates over this long haul. Best to you.

  8. As previously stated, Kate, You have been a lifeline for all of us in regards to Big Sur “heaven.” We live in the Santa Cruz mountains and call our locality ” a little piece of Paradise.” And, I second, third, fourth, fifth the motion that we allow Mama Earth time to recover from her wounds.

  9. thanks for the reports big sur Kate .. as for the forest being closed hey take all the time it needs to heal and start re growing…. she has been through a lot ……

  10. I couldn’t have said it better than MT! It’s double ditto! And I love what you said earlier about Peter’s comment about you being angel of the forest….that the “forest is your heaven”! My eyes are tearing with the beauty and respect that the community has for you and your staff. So well deserved.

  11. Its because of humans making illegal campfires that created this huge fire that killed and displaced so many animals…my personal opinion for what its worth…keep the forest closed forever and give it back to the natural inhabitants…at least until humans become more caring and loving to earn the right to walk through “their forest”…

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