Upcoming Storm Series

Here is one graphic of possible expected rain by John Lindsey of SLO Co:


NOAA NWS is predicting 100% chance of rain on Friday in Big Sur, expected to be in the 1/2″ neighborhood. Keep an eye out for mudslides, but especially after the rains stop as the water makes its way down hillsides.

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  1. What does 100% represent? Rain all day or a cinch to drop a half inch of rain? Tuesday’s forecast has something too; who knows, surprise us.

  2. Supposedly, 100% chance of rain, not necessarily ALL day, just that there will be rain on that day, at some point. How much is not 100%, but given as likely to be in the 1/3 to 1/2 inch range, depending on location. More in the northern regions than in the south, but SLO is predicting rain for both SLO Co and Santa Barbara, and is also giving a similar range for the amounts.


  3. Kate,

    Did the BAER report give a % ratio of non native plants destroyed in the Soberanes Fire? & does the re-seeding process focus on native plant revival only?- (I hope so).

  4. Andrew, I don’t remember if there is a break down between native and non, I can’t imagine there would be, but I know that in reseeding anything anymore, the stress is on local natives. Did you go to the BAER meeting? I am sure these questions were asked and answered at that. If you did not attend, might check with someone who did.


  5. Thanks Kate, I did not attend- I was hoping someone would have posted the meeting in its entirety here, I’ll keep looking and wait.

  6. Kate,

    Today’s local forecast: has slipped to 70% rain this afternoon & 60% this evening via (Weather Channel). Sunday has been boosted to 80%.

  7. 20:25


    Ha, I am having more fun watching clouds play hide & seek with the 95% robust moon than waiting for this rain to arrive.

  8. we in Capitola thought we’d get a deluge and I was really hoping for more, if not for us but for our beloved friends and critters and Mother Nature in the Big Sur area. Have you folks gotten anyway, it’s Saturday morning? We have a fine steady mist adding moisture to everything but nothing like the headline grabbing reports of “Winter has come and so have the rains.” I did pray for a safe rain to prevent early slides.

  9. 11:30


    No rain showed up at all; this “first storm” if you call it one- was a huge flop. No wet streets, nothing. SMH. These meteorologists better get its stuff in gear and strike it rich with some better forecasting.

  10. Kate & the gang,

    Within the past half hour,

    2 local weather apps have put out weather alerts (Weather Live & AccuWeather): Flash Flood Watch for Carmel Valley from 6am – 23:00 Sunday.

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