Forecast for the week beginning 1/2/17

And here is another one from Daniel Swain of Weather West, covering the next TWO weeks. We are overcoming our drought in one swoop! Looks like 16-20″. Oh my.



Latest 7 day precipitation outlook from NWSWPC shows locally 10-15″ for coastal range in Monterey County. Oh, lordy.


10 thoughts on “Forecast for the week beginning 1/2/17

  1. Just saw tons of tourists headed south on Hwy One. Wish the Hwy patrol could post a warning instead of waiting for the landslides to start. 🙁

    Ugh. What a mess.



  2. Maybe they will beat the landslies if they leave now. After dark? Probably not.

    BTW, I am so enjoying the wine you sent me after the Soberaanes Fire. I still have several bottles left I am saving for when I have guests. I’ll be coming to the winery to get another mixed case in the spring when the weather is more predictable. Thank you again.

  3. Hi Kate. Awesome blog…happy I stumbled upon it! I’m a new resident of Pacific Grove, and have plans to camp Limekiln this weekend. Am I dumb to go through with it given forecasted rain? Reading about past landslides, road-closures, etc, and thought a local might have some insight. Thanks!

  4. I wont say you wouild be “dumb” but it is probably not a good idea given the weather. The road is likely to close for a time, no way to anticipate where or for how long, and Nacimiento has only one lane at one spot due to past weather damage, and no way of knowing how that will fare. I am stocked up and won’t be leaving for the next 12-14 days, in all likelihood.

  5. Yeah…I do not want to cancel, but I think we probably will. Thanks for your advice!

  6. That is smart. Look at what one forecaster says this afternoon: The medium-range models are advertising a stormy pattern developing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday as a series of low-pressure systems tap into subtropical moisture. This could translate into several days of gale-force southerly winds, moderate to heavy rain and relatively warm temperatures. Total rainfall amounts may range between 4 and 8 inches Saturday into next Monday. The GFS model is indicating that more than 10 inches of rain could fall in the Santa Lucia Mountains.

    10 inches of rain will close the road, I can guarantee. Probably several times, in several places.


  7. Awesome, fill those local reservoirs and balloon the snow pack. Carmel/Big Sur Rivers will be humming.

  8. I wonder if the City of Carmel has reached the tourist attraction that it has so actively pursued? There was no way to get anywhere over the past week. Thousands descended on the peninsula. Armed with rental cars, most of them found a way to travel at 5 mph, attempt U-turns in the worst possible places, endless trips around the blocks to find parking that did not exist, and pretty much stopping anywhere and everywhere to let passengers out, take pictures, or simply abandon their vehicle. It took me 47 minutes to get from Rio Road to Palo Colorado Canyon road last Friday. I know this is not a Carmel Blog…but what is happening on the Coast highway is spawned from what is happening in Carmel. I can still buy a work of art, a gold chain and a t-shirt down town…but nowhere carries a light bulb.

  9. Tomorrow, I pray for safe passage back to my work at Pacific Valley School, …from snowy Idaho, over the desert mountain ranges of Nevada, crossing the Sierras, to Oakland, to Carmel, past the landslide dangers to my destination. Drive with care I tell myself. If tailgated, pull over and relax.

  10. David Allen..Bless you—noble to pull over…so tempting to MESSAGE otherwise to irreverent road warriors-increasing with their ugly “big city” push into attitude (their survival conditioning). Journey safely….I join you in pull over…ha ha..except for….ha ha..oh well…busted. 🙂
    On to rain–In CV. most of the recent predictions have been very disappointing comparing predictions to results. Hope we get real rain; measurable; above an inch or two…. but not if watershed produces as needed-otherwise.

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