Central Big Sur Interactive Slide Map

The following link by JWC will take you to a map with of the current, up-to-date slides and closures on OpenStreetMap, which may NOT work across all platforms and devices.

Current closures map

The PDF maps have been tested across different platforms, etc. and they work great as general area maps with links that open photos of the locations shown on the map (click on the names to open photos).

My wonderful, mysterious, map-making friend completed the second – Central portion – map of the Big Sur Coast. It goes north to Juan Higuera Creek. Here it is, but like the first one (South), it is available as the first page of my “pages” links to the right.



~ by bigsurkate on January 24, 2017.

8 Responses to “Central Big Sur Interactive Slide Map”

  1. Suzi, there is a comment box if you click on ‘leave a comment’ up by the title,


  2. Very nice work on the map. Thank you.


  3. Thanks so much – great work


  4. Bravo for technology and for keeping everyone informed — locals and visitors alike. That’s the spirit!


  5. Thank you so much doe the information you provide!


  6. what an awesome map! wish i’d seen it sooner today. but what a great resource. thanks for all your info kate. hope you’re feeling better.


  7. Not explicit in the Cal Trans update is the “hard closure” status of the Mud Creek slide. The pix shown make it appear that this is a full blockage. Does anyone know if local traffic can transit Mud Creek (informally or formally). I understand ambiguity might be for the best, and could leave the status undeclared on my map. Your comments?


  8. Mud Creek is impassable to all, locals included. CHP guards it at Gorda, I am told.


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