Highway Closure Update, 2/10/17


Photos of Deetjen’s from yesterday (PM 43.17)…blurry due to rain.

I apologize for a few minor errors or misleading information on my previous update this morning; more specifically:

1) Thankfully, we are not expecting any more rain or storms this weekend—that occurred last night.

2) The southern access point that locals can reach from the northern closure at Nepenthe (PM 44) is “SANTA” Lucia Ranch (PM 31.10)—not to be confused with Lucia (PM 23) which is not reachable from the north or south today.

3) I only mentioned locals going “south” from Nepenthe to Santa Lucia Ranch, but I truly meant to say “travel north and south between Nepenthe and Santa Lucia Ranch”


The inclement weather continues to give us more slides at multiple locations, the largest challenges being at: Mud Creek (PM 8.8), Chimney Slide ((PM 19), Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6), Big Creek (PM 28.09), Cow Cliffs (PM 28.35) and Deetjen’s (PM 43.17), require closure to continue at Nepenthe (PM 44) until further notice.


2 thoughts on “Highway Closure Update, 2/10/17

  1. Thank you for the update Kate. As a reminder to all—the slides are to the south of Deetjens, contrary to what might be misconstrued by CalTrans notices. We are open for business and the CHP/Sheriff are letting people through if they are guests or employees of Deetjens. The photos listed are not of Deetjens.

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