Road Closure, 2/11/17


First two photos are of today’s just north of Salmon Creek (PM 3), the next three are of/around Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6), last pic is of Cow Cliffs (PM 28.35(.Photos provided by Caltrans, two by Ken Harlan and one of Cow Cliffs by Brendon Shave, accordingly.

State Route 1 is now closed between Ragged Pt. (SLO 72.87) and Dolan’s Pt. (PM 29.70)–at 3pm
A new slide just north Salmon Creek (PM 3) ocurred today, requiring to keep the southern closure at Ragged Pt. The slide south of Deetjen’s was stabilized so the Northern closure will move to Dolan Pt (PM 29.70) at 3pm.

Motorists may travel north on State Route 1 from Cambria to Ragged Point (SLO PM 72.87) or south from Carmel to Dolan Pt (PM 29.70) as of 3pm TODAY.

The roadway is not passable between Ragged Pt (SLO 72.87)and Dolan Pt (PM 29.70)

*LOCALS MAY NOT TRAVEL NORTH BETWEEN Ragged Pt and Cow Cliffs (PM 28.35).


Thank you for your patience and understanding. Our Maintenance, Geotech and Construction crews continue to work collaboratively and diligently, as much as safely possible in response to these rock/mudslides.

Another update will be provided on around mid-morning Monday, Feb. 13, or sooner if conditions change.

8 thoughts on “Road Closure, 2/11/17

  1. Watching your travails from Paris, France with considerable concern and no little sorrow for Deetjens and the enviromental loss. Admiration too for your “frontier spirit” not only in the face of seemingly endless natural adversity, but, along with fire and flood of biblical proportions, raging plague, presidential Black Death in the form of a large and seemingly utterly destructive 💩”Dump”.

    Europe bleeds for you, you are not forgotten.💐

  2. Bless you Kate, these rather devastating pictures and updates really help us understand and to stay on top of what’s happening to family and friends.

    XX from Paris

  3. Thank you, Kate, for photos and updates. We are grateful to all road crews that clear the slides and keep Nacimiento Ferguson open also.

  4. Kate, giant boulder on pic 2 looks mighty dangerous. Is Caltrans/Super Geo team able to use UAV’s in areas it can’t hike to?

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