Volunteer Work Party in Palo Colorado Canyon

From Fire Chief Cheryl Goetz, Mid-Coast Fire Brigade.

Work party on Saturday, March 4, 2017, 9:00 AM.

Able bodied folks needed to help remove large log jams in Palo Colorado to prepare for the next storm. Equipment also needed if you can share – to chain out the large material.

If you can help, please meet me on Highway 1 so we can load everyone in pickups to take as few trucks up the road as possible as road restrictions still apply. I believe we have this one time shot, so getting this done before another heavy rain is key to saving the lower canyon road for everyone.

Bring your lunch and know it’s been cold and wet! This is where many hands make quicker work.

3 thoughts on “Volunteer Work Party in Palo Colorado Canyon

  1. Thanks for posting this, Kate. Like the title of one of your very recent posts read: “…The Meaning of Community.”

  2. Is there any way to contact Cheryl to let her know what kind of equipment is needed? I have a small chainsaw which I’m sure will be redundant, but we ALSO have a Wyeth-Scott Power Puller manual winch with good rope & all the tree straps etc, rated for 3K pounds. It’s great for pulling logs when you can’t get a vehicle close enough or at the right angle to mount an electric one. Happy to bring it if it would be useful!

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