Resupply efforts: The meaning of community

The meaning of “community” – sometimes much larger than we think.

From Patte Kronlund:

58 Households order groceries at the Safeway at the Crossroads Shopping Center. The grocery delivery is being coordinated by Gerry Malais, the Director of the Monterey County OES, and will be air lifted to Post Ranch with distribution at the Big Sur Post Office at 10:30am tomorrow, March 3rd.


Patte Kronlund
CPOA Advisory Board

I wanted to let you know the orders are ready for pick up. It was a real community effort as My wife Robin Montana from the middle school arranged for volunteers to come and shop for the families. We started at 3 am and will be 100% done by 12:30 PM. Everyone took a lot of pride in helping. Robin wanted to know if the middle school could send homework down to kids that can not commute to school, I gave her your number. Hope that’s ok?

Joe Miguel
Store Director
Carmel Safeway-2669-9

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  1. Hello All, just a quick follow up on my previous post and my prediction that was not totally right on. Nevertheless, the last weekend storm i thought was going to hit the central coast nailed San Diego instead of us and glad it did with the mountains receiving 8 inches of rain and causing flash flooding. Also the active MJO oscillation along the equator i spoke of has been slowly waking up as we aproach the spring equinox and just fueled a strong low below Hawaii that prompted a “blizzard” warning for the Big Island-thats on top of the volcanoe obviously. Tonights storm looks run of the mill with the remnant Hawaii storm NOT tapping into an atmospheric river and then a break Tuesday till next Friday. Toward the middle of the month the storm track should drop south around us with some fairly strong storms. This should be the last run of impressive storms as historic rain events in April are few and very far between, however we are due for a strong April storm since the last one was April 3 1958 when 3.5 inches fell in the arroyo seco watershed in 24 hours. Some of the old timers have referred that 1958 year to the one we are experiencing with 100+ inches in Big Sur that Winter. Bottomline it doesnt take much to flood after a wet winter!!
    Cheers to active mid March, paul h

  2. I’d like to post a heartfelt thank you to all who organized, planned and volunteered to make that epic delivery of supplies for us yesterday in Big Sur Island. Isa and I drove 4 miles down to a big mudslide on our dirt road, hiked over it and down to the highway where we joined our community at the PO. We visited and swapped stories while watching the helicopter fly over us to Post Ranch with slings of groceries and goods. Drivers brought flatbed trucks where the sling nets were often still attached to the loads, evidently there must have been some skilled placement by the pilot to position the heavy loads into the bed of each truck.
    Volunteers sprang into action, climbing up, cutting open the wrappings and handing boxes over the side to waiting hands, with the boxes placed in groupings by area location on the coast. Neighbors came to pick up boxes for their neighbors. Andrew stopped by the Post Office and we gave him hugs and our mail that had been waiting for weeks to be sent.
    A clipboard was passed to take names for volunteers to dig the walking trail around the bridge.
    Patte Kronlund is an amazing and meticulous organizer, and the unloading and sorting and loading of boxes quickly and efficiently done, thanks to her pre-planning. We feel such gratitude for the fresh food and supplies, and for all who made it possible.

  3. P.S. A big thank you to Haisley, who shopped for us at Safeway. And to all at Safeway who helped us out in ways we probably don’t even know. Your kindness and hard work have been so heartfelt- the whole thing was epic!

  4. The volunteers, organized by the manager’s wife, started shopping at 3:30 am, and it took 6 hours to shop for all 58 families. What a heroic effort by all.


  5. Yes, I meant to say thank you to everyone who helped with the supply run, and I understand there were many who volunteered to help by shopping for us… to clarify, someone named Haisley signed my grocery list at the end, with the words: “Health & Happiness”. Haisley checked off the items on the list and wrote next to the request for pomegranates – “sorry, none”, and made notes that they couldn’t find the item on the shelf next to another one… and that a substitution had to be made in a couple of cases. It was wonderful to read. Those little notes gave us a such a sense of the deep caring that went into this. It must have been so hard to walk the isles to find our requests for sometimes quirky, and obscure foods. It is hard enough to find groceries on shelves when I know what I’m shopping for, but to follow someone else’s shopping list, yikes. I tried to be as specific as possible, thinking that would be easiest, to give the best description I could, still, it must have been quite a hunt… We had a wonderful dinner last night. It was the best.

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