Photos of Paul’s Slide and Nacimiento

I have been severely internet challenged, again, but the sun finally cleared my satellite “eye” so I am back on satellite, and a much happier camper. I have been wanting to get these up the last two days, so here they are:

Paul’s Slide above and Nacimiento above. All work is proceeding on schedule (thanks to the good weather).

5 thoughts on “Photos of Paul’s Slide and Nacimiento

  1. Well that’s a weird looking creature. Glad the internet is up but don’t spend too much time on it, unless you’re wireless. Go get some of that vitamin D!

  2. They are putting in what they call a “soil nail wall.” It is being covered with something like concrete, but not quite.


  3. The two photos from Nacimiento show the “soil nail machine”. The soil nails significantly increase the apparent cohesion of the soil through their ability to carry tensile loads. A construction facing is also usually required, and is typically shotcrete reinforced by welded wire mesh. That is what you see they are doing in the photos of Paul’s Slide.

  4. To add, soil nail walls are remarkably strong, but… are not well-suited where there are large amounts of groundwater seeps.

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