Big Sur Coast Maps

Our “mystery map maker” finished the last of the 3 interactive maps of the Big Sur Coast several days ago – the Northern section. These maps show the slide areas, current and past, and also provide photographs for many of the locations when you click on the names. I have been internet challenged again, so I am finally getting the announcement and links up here. He also put all three of them together in a non-interactive map suitable for printing. The links are below:

Non-interactive full set of maps suitable for printing: Big Sur Coast Maps Letter Size

Interactive Northern Section: Big Sur Coast Map North

Interactive Central Section: Big Sur Coast Map Central

Interactive Southern Section: Big Sur Coast Map South

And here is the link to the special page containing all of the above with additional notes and instructions: Maps Page

Enjoy, and a special thank you for the mystery map maker!

north-map big-sur-coast-map-north


19 thoughts on “Big Sur Coast Maps

  1. GREAT work, Thank you. I was always told otter cove was across from Highlands inn… this puts it further south. Was I told wrong or do we need a (tiny) update>

  2. I am humbled by the mapmaker’s skill and your selfless sharing of Big Sur life [what a year, the most challenging of my life, 75 years, as a local]. Finally a resource to correctly place all the special names/associations bandied about.

    Thank you. You’re a gift to the community.

  3. You could probably copyright the non-interactive full map, have a professional printing done in 11″ x 14″, and successfully market the maps via local businesses.

    This is ‘The Missing Link’ to any and all who come to Big Sur. V. Nice, Jon.

  4. It’s actually made from a Cal Trans template, which may be what the Chamber used as well. Ours just has a lot more detail and the reader can click on the name of the slide or place and be taken to a photo of it.


  5. Yes, the interactive features is what makes it unique and user friendly.

  6. Fantastic work, MMM. Great appreciation and gratitude from me and the thousands of others that will get huge value from this work over many years to come.

  7. kate, are you going to save these maps on your sidebar somewhere? i’m trying to figure out how/where to save them. thanks.

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