Trail Report & Photos from Senator Monning

Hi Kate,
I attended (with my field rep Toby Uptain-Villa) an emergency trail construction briefing this morning at the Pfeiffer Bridge bypass project. We joined State Parks Superintendent Brent Marshall, Chief Martha Karstens (Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade), business owner Basil Sanborn (Glen Oaks/Roadhouse), and community volunteers from Ventana Inn, Post Ranch, and others. The community volunteers have been integrated into the State Parks and California Conservation Corps worker teams to build a safe and passable trail. The terrain is steep with about a 600 foot elevation change. Falling rocks present a hazard to workers while weather conditions are perfect for strong progress on the trail.
Cal Trans will begin demolition of the Pfeiffer Bridge on Monday and community leaders are working with Cal Trans, Parks, and CHP to identify the best turn around points at the north end in anticipation of Hiway One reopening between Monterey and Big Sur (north) soon.
Thank you for your daily updates and information… so valuable to the community and all of us working to restore safe access for all.
Attached some photos FYI.
Senator Bill Monning

5 thoughts on “Trail Report & Photos from Senator Monning

  1. thank you community volunteers and agencies in working on the trail. a challenging task. be safe.

  2. Please continue to update everyone on the trail. There are a number of groups that bike from Northern California to So Cal during the summer that would love to see the trail come to fruition. Thank you in advance and be safe!

  3. The trail is NOT open to the public. It is intended for urgent resupply access and for a way for the children south of the bridge to go to and from school. It has not been determined whether it will ever be open to the general public, so best to make alternative plans for this summer. Big Sur needs a break. If you love her, give her the chance to heal – all of you.

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