The Tension of Traversing Mud Creek, 3/13/17

Over the weekend, Mud Creek developed a new trick – it is no longer just oozing mud and gushing water. It is now dropping rocks. Those working on it, contract and Cal Trans could not safely get to their loader to begin work this morning. When we went through, there were two spotters just watching for falling rocks. The pavement is still dropping significantly, compared to my last trip through. John Lindsay, SLO meterologist is predicting the return of rain on 3/22-3/28, so this, as well as Paul’s Slide, could become more difficult again.

8 thoughts on “The Tension of Traversing Mud Creek, 3/13/17

  1. I went over Nacimiento early this morning. No sign of anyone working was a beautiful drive! Paul’s slide seemed the same and there were a couple caltrans guys there and they laughed wanting to know what I was doing up so early. I also talked to the Post Office here in Monterey and was told Andrew was on his way down to Big Sur to deliver mail to the south side of the bridge!

  2. Thank you Leslie for that update! Good to hear about the conditions from someone who just went through.

  3. How was the drive thru naciamento?
    Do you need 4 wheel drive? I am thinking of driving a friend home to get his car …. I have a Toyota Camry .


  4. Kate,

    Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge demo with wrecking ball in action has begun 25 minutes ago….

  5. Kate,

    Bridge 1 Wreckers 0, the wrecking ball hardly made a dent in the bridge, so, Caltrans has suspended its effort for the day.

  6. It would be fine with a car on Nacimiento but there are some bad spots on hwy 1 that I would not want to take a low car.

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