Misc. Big Sur News & Reports, 3/15/17

March 15, 2017

Daily trail progress update.

Trail work continued today as did progress. CCC crews rotated out / in successfully. There were 8 volunteers today led by Fire Brigade FF Trey Kropp and CERT leader Hal Latta.

The work and progress on the trail will be reevaluated daily.

The hard closure is still in place during trail construction.

The below statistics provided by State Parks.

Total Trail tread completed today: 70 linear feet

Total number of workers on trail: 12 CCC, 10 volunteers, 5 DPR

· 28 Wood crib steps have been completed

· 1450 sq. feet of site rehabilitation performed

· 400 linear feet of lumber transported to work site.

· 139 cubic feet of soil excavated for switchback construction

Brent Marshall, Martha Karstens, Gerry Malais Unified Command


Carissa Chappellet is helping out on the Pfeiffer Canyon bypass trail and has created a website where you can volunteer. If you are a Big Sur local/resident and would like to help you can sign up on this website.


From the Health Center:

Big Sur Health Center update – Wednesday, March 15th.

The next scheduled medication delivery by helicopter is for Friday, March 17th.

Please contact us by Thursday , March 16th, at 1:00 pm if you wish to have your medications on Friday’s flight.

We will provide updates periodically as transport schedules are determined.

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