22 thoughts on “MCWeekly Best Blog

  1. You mean there’s competition? No way.

    It is nice to get recognition. Congratulations!

  2. Kate,

    Except for a few non existent link sources still floating around, the communication, relationships, fellowship, info sources, general geographical lessons with historical storytelling, there isn’t a better place to learn more about current events for this coastal wonderland than here on your blog. We appreciate your commitment, service, and reporting you provide to us with critical life saving updates. Your support staff also should be added to this special recognition award. Everyone should feel a great appreciation for contributing a little to your successful landing spot.

  3. Glad you got the recognition for this outstanding site. I send it all around the US and to Europe to friends and family who love the South Coast and the community that sustains it.

  4. Big Congrats for your recognition and your “support staff” as Andrew refers to them! Thank you for all your time and effort to keep us informed.

  5. This is the perfect opportunity for this long time lurker to express my thanks. I am a regular contributor to Thorn Tree, the Lonely Planet travel forum. As you can imagine, there are frequent questions about travel to Big Sur, When (alas!) circumstances restrict travel there, I start a thread for updates. I have always relied on your blog to help me.

    I try to respect your copyright (I hope you will forgive me if I sometimes goof). The blog has helped me provide factual informaion and keep people up date. Beyond that, I have learned to appreciate the incredible sense of community that is found in Big Sur. It’s not always relevant to some English guy wanting to drive from SF to LA, but it often brings tears to my eyes.

    This is a well-deserved tribute.

    If you want, send those questioning vacationers to http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree We’ll try to help them.

    The plural of anecdote is not data.

  6. There’s no one else in your league! Well deserved for dedication and inspiration!

  7. Well deserved honor for an amazing community member who has a huge heart and takes professional community service to a whole new level…Bravo Kate!

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