Jimmy of PMC & Pfeiffer Beach Missing


I worked with him at PV Center, and I believe his last name is Worthington. He also worked as the Host at Plaskett before he was transferred to Pfeiffer Beach. He helped Terrydactyl recover from his hang-gliding accident and gave him a place to live for several years before Terry finally passed. Jimmy could be gruff when the stress of the tourists got to him, but he has a heart of gold.

From PMC: “Our dear friend of Big Sur is missing! Jimmy from Pfeiffer beach has gone missing! He left big Sur in Jan. Never arrived to Grants Pass, Oregon. Nobody has seen or heard from him since! We have a missing persons report with the the Monterey Sheriff and CHP! Please if anybody has any information, please notify the MPD. He’s missed terribly!”


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  1. Yes, last name is Worthington and a great description of him! How about contact with hospitals along the way and inquiries to PDs btw here & Grants Pass? Would hate to lose him & hope he’s found another place to land instead!

  2. Lisa: “He was supposed to be moving there (Grants Pass) with J.W. the guy who trained us at Plaskett Creek. Jimmy shipped 4 big boxes to jw prior leaving big Sur. You also know, JW Wilde.


  3. I worked with Jimmy from 1998 to 2000. He proudly gave me his full name as James Worthington the Third ( and proud of it)! Where are you Jimmy you old rascal?

  4. I’ve known Jimmy since 1989. He must have been fed up to leave, as he has been here as long as I have, pretty much, or he just realized that Pfeiffer Beach would be closed for an extended time, and he wasn’t really cut out for the campground, anymore. I’m hoping he found something interesting along his path, but JW needs to contact places between Big Sur and Grant’s Pass.


  5. Kate,

    I read in Carmel Pine Cone Missing man reported his brother missing, same guy?

  6. I did not see that, so don’t know. Don’t know re a brother. Jimmy never mentioned one that I remember. He was reported missing by friends.


  7. Kate,

    Calls –

    Thurs 3/8…,” Male reported he had not heard from brother in over a month. The brother’s last known location was in the Big Sur area.”

    No names given, page 19RE.

  8. I met him while camping at plaskett over the years ( but not since reservations essentially closed the place to us). My wife and I looked forward to seeing him when we headed south. I’d bring him fresh music tapes. He was always very nice to us. Rootin’ for you Jim

  9. Yes he is very much loved and missed. We are also former co-workers from Big Sur and PMC.

  10. Yes Jimmy is James Worthington the 3rd. And yes his brother from the bay area has reported him missing. He also has at least one other brother in Michigan Minnesota one of those places. My husband Marty worked Pfeiffer Beach with Jimmy for almost 2 years. Misses his conversation greatly.

  11. Kate,

    Rain total about half inch, cool sets of clouds at 3 different elevations. Drizzly morning.

  12. I was just telling my parents about Jimmy and how he was a constant at Kirk Creek for years. Turned on my computer and this. I sure hope he is found safe and happy. BTW I will be at Kirk Creek next week.

  13. I hope you are safe and happy too Jimmy. He and Jesse used to always stop in at the River Inn store to shop before heading to Pfeiffer Beach. Jimmy you were always kind to me. I hope you appear with a smile on your face to your brother.

  14. Jimmy is currently in Washington state (Aberdeen) with Noel and Denise, ex hosts at Plaskett Creek. Last I heard, about 2weeks ago, they plan on going to Brookings Oregon next. After they finish some work on Noel’s sister’s house. His last name is Worthington. He is doing fine, seems quite happy.

  15. Thank you Elizabeth for updating that Jimmy is no longer missing. Jimmy Worthington, will Watson, and I moved to Big Sur from New Jersey together in 1984. I lost track of Jimmy after Will passed away and would like to catch up with my old friend. I’ve been looking for him for quite some time, but it’s difficult to search for someone on the West Coast when I’m on the East Coast, and he’s not on social media. The information on this blog has given me some great information for me to use to try to find my old friend. Thank you all so much.

  16. The last information I have regarding Jimmy is that he is in Lebanon, Oregon with his friends Noel and Denise. You can see a recent picture of them and possibly contact him through Denise Facebook page, Denisey Autrey. She also has a second Facebook acct Denise Autrey. Hope this helps you find your friend, he is a sweetheart and we love him dearly.

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