State Park to issue trail passes to locals and workers

Due to the enthusiastic response of locals helping to build the emergency access hiking trail with state parks and CCC, the trail is nearly ready for limited use. State Parks will be issuing trail usage passes to local residents and workers in the area. Trail usage at this point will be limited to hours when construction is not taking place. Details will be coming but it looks like trail will be open for local access for a limited time in the morning and afternoon. The trail is still under construction but it is hopeful that Sunday’s inspection with the Carmel Unified School District will find the conditions safe for the students as early as next week. The trail is a difficult walk taking about 25 minutes. Sturdy shoes are recommended.
Daily updates are available on the County OES website.
Thank you for your patience and to the over 100 of the local residents who have helped hand build this trail, this essential lifeline.

Thank You!
Carissa & John DeLuca, State Parks Superintendent, Monterey District (Acting)


4 thoughts on “State Park to issue trail passes to locals and workers

  1. An idea: I would hope that CUSD would run a shuttle for the “south side” students to get them to and from school but what about someone(s) running a shuttle for folks to get to businesses (ie.,BSHC) in the BS valley? Could there be $ thru CPOA or Comm Foundation for Monterey County to fund this? Or could the Monterey bus do that job?

  2. Some enterprising locals might want to run shuttles on either side, but many people have friends across the bridge they can count on.

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