9 thoughts on “Leopards of Africa

  1. If you could read my mind…in that bottom pic:

    “I swear, I’ve gotta get a different job”.

  2. Love the last one!
    Chillen! “To be in a state of prolonged satisfactory boredom. A positive phase of being, not regarded as being bored but not in the process of doing anything worth elaborating upon.”

  3. I adore your photographs of these exquisite creatures!!! Thank you for sharing them with us, Kate.

  4. Dear Kate,
    Deep thanks for your time, commitment, knowledge, good judgment, practicality, wisdom and leadership. And, for you today or whenever, some exquisite distraction: http://sfbayospreys.org .
    The cam is on a crane in the Richmond Marina (SF Bay). Treasure Island in the background to the right — and in the misty distance, to the left, the East Bay. The little island in the near background is (I think) tiny Brooks Island. Take care of yourself. MJ

  5. That last image makes me want to curl up for a good snooze. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to go back to that wonderful time. I find pictures help so much in putting me back to that idyllic place and time. Glad to see you taking some breaks!

  6. I have some leopard protos that I took….similar except mine have fat bellies hanging over the tree limbs. If I could figure out how to post them, I would…

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