11 thoughts on “Yet another Photo of Mud Creek

  1. Treebones, Limekiln, Plaskett Creek, and Kirk Creek, only accessed by Nacimiento. Be VERY careful on that road, as there are a lot of big trucks using it, and some of them are going way too fast. Also, there are announced convoys where the CHP shuts down the road, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the large trucks are every day, M-F, when they can get through Paul’s Slide. This is as of today. It changes daily.


  2. What are these Mud Heights ocean view lots going for per acre? 2.5 acre zoning?

  3. kim, thanks for the web link. that is pretty amazing. helps put it in perspective. what a mess, eh?

  4. Looking at the photos in Kim’s link, Sea View Ranch appears to be courting danger.

  5. Yes, and looking at the CT mock up with Arlene’s Slide right at the end of the driveway, while still relatively stable, does not bode well for the driveway.

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