WARNING! Do NOT drive Nacimiento on Friday after 5

This may be true for other days, but this Friday evening around 5:30 pm, going WB on the flats by the Nacimiento River, 3 pick-up trucks and 1 SUV, probably driven by the contractors going home for the weekend, were bound and determined to have a head-on collision with us. Driving that narrow windy road as if it were a race track, with no regard to staying on their side of the road, we had to come to a complete stop, screaming and yelling at them to slow down. They were traveling together. Fast and reckless. Someone is going to get hurt. We will be avoiding Friday evenings if at all possible.

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  1. Please read my supportive June 9 comments to the June 7 “Reminder-Nacimiento Road” topic.

    Same observations, same offenders, same conclusions.

    Additionally, I offered a prediction of what could possibly happen when the June to September vacationers arrive and try to navigate NF along with everybody else abusing that twisty little road.

    This is an important topic.

    We, Big Sur homeowners, have all been through enough with the fires and the storms and the severe highway damage.

    Adding unnecessary death to the list as we attempt to drive home through NF and our Draconian HWY 1 gate schedules is just unacceptable.

  2. It seems to me this time slot might be a financial opportunity for CHP and other agencies responsible for enforcing the speed limits.

  3. Kate, if you haven’t already, this could be a good time to buy a dash cam. There’s no better evidence than a good visual.

  4. I was actually looking at them on this town trip, but it has been a very expensive month, with overnights, vet bills, unexpected expenses, etc. But still planning on it.


  5. When the queen came to town (Yosemite Nat Park) the secret service and local sherif drove the same way and headed into each other killing 2 or more. The queen’s motorcade was rerouted. This was in the area of Mariposa,

  6. There are several beautiful windy twisty roads around Big Sur that I avoid driving against the commute (whatever the activity causing the commute), I’ll add NF to that list. Not that I expect to be on that road anytime soon (no trailwork projects out of the Cone Peak area).

  7. this seems related to the companies ‘doing their best’ ( or not ). a company that IS doing their best would never allow their employees to do this, dangerous behavior, bad PR, etc. in fact, if they are made aware of this and their employees continue such offensive behavior I believe they may be legally liable, and that ought to get their attention, eh? at this point the company management may not yet be aware….

  8. Had a similar experience the previous week. 3 pick ups and an SUV racing down hill while I was heading up. Luckily I was in my dump truck and they had to swerve to avoid running into me. They were flying.

  9. The downhill run for heavy load trucks during construction saw tragedy at Tehema a few years ago with one Friday-payday-happy dump truck driver who cut corners in haste and careened over the side of the the road and down the steep hillside to his death. How about a CHP Air Patrol routing suggestion???

  10. Sounds like the same group. I will get photos next time, because there is no way to ID which of the many contractors these guys work for.

  11. Are you certain the drivers of the pickups and SUV were contractors or construction crew driving recklessly on NF? Now that it is vacation time,I think they were rude, idiots whose Mothers just enabled them to behave badly, or maybe they were born without common sense? Regardless of who it was,I hope the CHP will add better signage and turn around RV’s, and trailers at the Hunter Liggett military base. I understand that construction crews should be let through to help with all the 2017 winter mayhem, but until Big Sur is a lot healthier and stable, I will sadly stay away!

  12. No, Sue, I am not certain, BUT given that they were driving one after the other, the time of day, the lack of camping equipment, etc. I think it is a reasonable assumption, especially, since another local saw the same three pick ups and 1 SUV traveling the same road at the same time in the same matter the week before.

  13. I am certain. I had eyes on the prize. No confusion. I was parked by the huge turnout next to the stream, drinking water from my big water bottle. I was on foot leaning against my truck relaxing before completing my NF drive. I watched many vehicles driving too fast on the blind corner and nearly hitting each other. I had great ease in reading Portland and Caltrans signage on several of the trucks. In addition to the easily identifiable vehicles, there were many other vehicles without any signage also driving recklessly through the windy road. I called Caltrans to instruct them to slow down. I have not made any calls to contractors yet. I will keep my eyes open each time I drive it for all of you. Happy to do my part. 🙂

  14. I appreciate it, Mike. I have contracted Cal Trans, but time to start calling the contractors, for sure. I have seen Cal Portland trucks driving way too fast, but the ones I saw on Friday were private vehicles. I know they weren’t locals, whom I know, and I believe they were subcontractors headed home in their own vehicles.


  15. We were on our way over for the noon opening last Wednesday and stopped for a break by Nacimiento Creek. We watched about 15-20 older model Porsches speed by, each with their single driver. A club drive? Found out they had all stayed at Limekiln. Glad we didn’t run into them while driving either grade. This is just a taste of what is to come on Nac-Ferg until Mud Creek is repaired.

  16. Thanks Kate.

    Our combined efforts are worth the time.

    If we save one life from unnecessary death, then we have enjoyed great success.

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