Stolen Service Dog may be in MoCo

Susi was stolen on 6/20/27 in Loveland, CO. She has been featured on our local news, as a MoCo woman befriended Susie’s owner, and is believed to have stolen her. Call 720-220-8114 if you have any information or have seen this sweet beauty.


~ by bigsurkate on June 28, 2017.

13 Responses to “Stolen Service Dog may be in MoCo”

  1. Hoping for a happy ending soon


  2. Also hoping for that happy ending!


  3. Kate,

    Any chance the dog has a tracker chip tagged in him?


  4. Andrew, if she did, I am sure her owner would not be going thru this agony. I had Missy chipped as soon as I was sure no one was going to claim her, but not everyone does.


  5. Kate,

    I thought nationwide service dogs public or private would have this feature as a requirement once acquired.


  6. This is an emotional support service dog, which is different.


  7. Plus the chip has to be read – doubtful she’ll be taking the dog into a vet or shelter anytime soon.


  8. The dog looks like a hybrid dog wolf.When I lived in no new mexico and traveled a lot to Colorado I would see plenty of these hybrids. There are many diffent degrees of mix. Once a family pulled into a campground with a huge chain link contraption on their car roof and assembled it and put three of these hybrids pets in it.


  9. Kate/Denise,

    I thought those chips could be tracked like cell phone devices where a scanner with its chip id # could find where the signal is active- that kind of thing..


  10. No, but there are those “tags” like for keys. Requires an investment



  11. There are 2 kinds of “tracker tags”. Radio and GPS but both are on collars which can be removed.
    Our best bet is to SHARE the info. Here’s the FB link if you are so inclined…


  12. Thx, Denise.


  13. Poor man, poor dog. What a rotten thing to do


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