4 thoughts on “CT NEWS FLASH – MUD CREEK

  1. I was hoping for something new. Like what kind of information are they getting from the LICAD (?) re: movement @ Mud Creek? Is it stabilizing? I hear they’re cutting another road high above the hwy level, is that to start pushing the dirt down?

  2. Even though there isn’t any news in this clip, it’s visuals are well worth seeing, amplifying the written descriptions. Overwhelming to contemplate repair, for sure. My heart goes out to all the Big Sur residents so immensely impacted by the long closure ahead. Thanks for posting it and all the other news you share!

  3. Now, come on, Little Philly, you knew this would be a “fluff” piece, didn’t you? I’ve asked my LIDAR contact, and he just refers me to Susana who then just passes my questions on to the higher ups, and so forth. It is so frustrating! I heard there was a D-8 moved up top, but that is per South Coast locals.


  4. Rather than repost here, I put a comment on the “Geologic Map” page, of what I think are pertinent observations of what I have read on Mud Creek, and questions that I think need answering.


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