Highway Closure Update, 6/30/17

All previously provided information remains the same, so only including the photos:

Photos of: 1-2) Mud Creek—with new equipment on mid-slope on Tuesday, June 27 3-5) Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6)—Panoramic, busy workday pic and huge boulder yesterday, June 29; 6-7) Pfeiffer Bridge Construction (PM 45.52) temporary tower and welding of temporary tower grillage to aid in the future launching of the new bridge over the canyon—photo from yesterday, June 29.


PM 8.9 Mud Creek-1 6.27.17PM 8.9 Mud Creek-2 6.27.17PM 21.6 Paul's Slide-1 6.29.17PM 21.6 Paul's Slide-2 6.29.17PM 21.6 Paul's Slide 6.29.17PM 45.52 PCB Temporary Tower 6.29.17PM 45.52 PCB Welding Temp. Tower Grillage 6.29.17

7 thoughts on “Highway Closure Update, 6/30/17

  1. Each picture tells a story.
    There’s some heavy duty work going on towards restoring Hwy 1 in Big Sur.

  2. Kate,

    How many days left for the NF “little” bridge examination status report to arrive?

  3. Looks like that one Caltrans worker could pull off a double back flip off that Giant boulder on his descent.

  4. I want to thank you for all of your hard work keeping us updated.  You are doing a terrific job!!!!  I love Big Sur & know that everyone who is suffering thru this tough time will once again enjoy Highway 1 being open when it is time. Andrea RuleKetchum, Idaho

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