11 thoughts on “Mud Creek Aerial by Steve Harper

  1. The belly of the slide now has some tractor trail veins of smooth excess soil.

  2. Yes, Ray, but just for construction access as the slide is still active, and it will take a very long time to get it “hooked” up.

  3. The northern section above the slide looks like it could go next, but maybe not until the next rainy season. That must be why they started from the south end and haven’t even begun to plow a path through the northern section of the new fallen debris field.

  4. geez, looks like they’re plowing in roads for subdividing the toe into ‘fabulous new oceanfront estates’! laughing, that’d sure help pay for the repair….

  5. Rats, too bad re: the instability on the north end. I was hoping for passage sooner than later!

  6. Well, yes, there is hope, and there is unbridled optimism. We know it is a bigger slide than The Big One (by a lot) We know that it took 15 months to clear that one, when they could push it into the ocean, so, we can extrapolate that this one will take longer. History is a great teacher.


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