Another SLO Fire – Chalk Fire and a SB Co. one, Whittier Fire

4 pm here is a shot of the Whittier Fire. (The Chalk Fire is a done deal)


3 pm – Busy day on the Central Coast. The newest one  is up by the Chalk Mountain Golf Course in Atascadero Do not know size or have further info.

The one called Whittier has capped out and is 200 acres, right now. It is in some rough terrain. It is in the Los Padres NF in Santa Barbara County off 154 near Lake Cachuma.


Alamo and Tower still going so fires will be competing for resources.

11 thoughts on “Another SLO Fire – Chalk Fire and a SB Co. one, Whittier Fire

  1. Doesn’t sound capped out to me – new mandatory evacs. Realize it’s not in your primary area…
    It’s gonna be a nerve racking summer…wish my people weren’t spread all over the damn west coast! (not worried about fire in the WI area…unless they burn their brats! lol)
    Hope you enjoyed some cooler weather for lunch. Too bad you can’t bottle some of the ocean breeze!

  2. Denise, this is a term I have heard some ff use as a short-hand for “ice capped” that has to do with the column going so high it ices or caps out. That is the way I was using it. see the new photo I just added. That is what happens.

  3. oh – ok… I thought you meant as in “max limit”…didn’t sound right to me. That explains something else. It’s messing with the radar returns. (weather) Looks like an isolated down pour… one could only wish…
    Oh and I spy a radar station…

  4. yes it does. Weather I (kinda) do. I’m having “technical issues” with new phone and new apps and old OS and………… they’re just not playing nicely together… and I’m tired… badly hurt fur baby… 🙁

  5. A monster sized plume can been seen for miles from the new Whittier Fire, near Lake Cachuma. Temp is 100, RH is 18% and the winds are at 11 mph. 1,000 acres with some outbuildings burned.

    Alamo Fire – ICP is at Elks Rodeo grounds outside of Santa Maria. Will be changing from local command team to a Cal Fire Command Team. Last time this area burned was 2009, lots of heavy fuel.

    Chalk Mtn burned ~ 18 acres, pretty much out now.

  6. New Veg fire on Vineyard Canyon Road, towards Parkfield – Monterey/SLO~ 100 acres

  7. New location is Vineyard Canyon Road with x of Indian Valley Road and near Cross Country Rd, puts it in view of Camp Bob…..Not stopping today..

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